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Friday, 6 May 2011

What a week

Aaah, I fell down the stairs last Tuesday evening and broke my leg. I have been stuck on the sofa for days, but a great excuse to watch the whole of THE wedding. And wasn't it lovely? Kate looked beautiful and the dress was just perfect.
We celebrated at Knit and Chat, of course.
A great chance to use the Royal tablecloth.
Karen finished her red white and blue bunting for the day.

Kathleen (a blog follower over in Spain), made this great Kate and Wills patriotic quilt to commemorate the occasion.

I have to say I have been spoilt with good wishes and gifts. Jennifer brought me a 'mussy tussy' from her garden.
Linda baked wedding day macaroons, which were delicious,
and brought me some beautiful tulips to brighten up the room.
I have some pretty cards too. I love the lamb (that'll be me soon) from Karen, and Libby hand made her pretty card.
I had a new bright pink cast put on today, but am looking at another 4- 6 weeks recovery. This one is a bit lighter, so I'm hoping to be a little more mobile. Oh but the frustration - I can't get up the steps into the shop, so Linda is doing all the work in there. At home, well, they are doing their best. Phil's cooking is actually really good, qiute a revelation, but the laundry has come off the line looking like it belongs to Quasimodo!


  1. Ouch I bet that was painful. The only good thing is you'll have plenty of "me" time to do your knitting etc, hope you're soon up and about again, Lucey x

  2. Poor you; you have all my sympathy because I have a broken leg too. My dog knocked me over in the park. I am so frustrated at not being able to get around easily but the upside is I have done lots of reading and been totally spoilt by my family and friends. I haven't been able to face any knitting yet strangely. I think a hot pink cast sounds very glamorous. I just have an ugly black boot that weighs a tonne. Good luck for a speedy recovery.

  3. Thanks for the kind comments.
    I am so sorry you have broken your leg too Jill. I hope you get back on your feet soon too.
    I agree that however much I want to knit, somehow it's not happening. I have actually spent more time unpicking than knitting! I am hoping this scenario will improve. I have managed to pick up some embroidery though and do feel more inspired to try and add a few different stitches to my limited repertoire - now that I have the time.....