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Jolie is a knitting and homeware shop run by Linda Williams and Daniella Taylor. If you are interested in anything you see on this blog or would like to learn to knit or crochet please call us at the shop on 01438 861 717. We are open between 10am and 4pm Mon - Sat. To view our website, click on http link below.

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Postcard from Hellie

Where did she find this one? This apparently is us in a few years time. 
From left to right: Dany, Susan, Linda, Karen, Hellie and Donna. 
Watch this space, we're off to visit Hellie in Westend Bad in Belgium next weekend. Are we each going to come back in one of these lovely outfits?

Knit and wine

Knit and Wine, Tuesday 26th June, 7.30 - 10pm @ Jolie.

What a laugh was had at last month's Knit and Wine. Sue is near on finishing her green cardi, knitted all in one.....or is it a Kermit suit??

Suffolk shopping trail

Linda and Libby had another mother and daughter mini break, this time in Suffolk over half term.

They had a great time in the lovely castle town of Framlingham and came across Impulse Boutique. Fabulous vibrant stock..... and wallpaper. The staff and owner were extremely helpful. 

 Nothing was too much trouble, even Linda trying on 20 pairs of jeans at 5.15pm on a Friday evening!!

Not so much of an impulse buy after all that trying on. Nice bags to sneak into the wardrobe too. www.impulsefashion.co.uk

Oh what a find! The newly opened Vintage Mischief in Beccles is an eclectic mix of 60's and 70's vintage.

Nestled in the courtyard of 'The Old Dairy', they opened in May and are frantically trying to keep up with current demand and interest.

Everything from flower power fabrics, home and office furniture to tableware and vintage clothing. 

 Run by husband and wife team, many of the items were still unpriced as the goods kept flying out of the garage doors!  We wish them well. www.facebook.com/VintageMischief

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Boys' Own adventure

Just before half term Dany, Phil and Edward and Oliver spent a week in a wooden cabin by a lake in Sweden.

We had a week away from it all.

The boys used the canoe and paddled the lake at Flackebo.

This huge lake is only half an oar deep all over and like a giant lily pond.

We had the use of a rowing boat too, which was more my cup of tea.

 Talking of which.....at the nearest town, Skultuna, was the most beautiful cafe. 

 Located at the Messingsbruk brass foundry (founded in 1607), where they still make chandeliers and candle sticks.

Two very small coffees, two very small hot chocolates and four pistachio buns set us back about £25 quid.....

We also found the 300 yr old spa nearby at Satra Brunn. The brand new pool, surrounded by candles, was a delicious 34 degrees centigrade. 

In the Swedish countryside all the wooden cabins, cottages and farm buildings are painted a dark rusty red, with white windows.

 I love the big barns in these big landscapes too.

'He's a lumberjack and he's OK' - Phil was at home in check shirts and 'double denim'!

The day it rained we went to Stockholm by train.

Nice warm socks - Swedish style.

They're not short of wood in Sweden, that's for certain. 

 We went for a walk in this enchanting fairy tale forest.

The boys made bows and arrows and we thought we might see a moose. We didn't find one, although we saw rabbits, hares, wild swans and geese and lots of birds.......and something that looked like a wolf.

 These little bullocks were very friendly.

A week of no tv, xbox, computers. They played Scrabble, charades and the guitar (I knitted) - and they loved every minute.