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Jolie is a knitting and homeware shop run by Linda Williams and Daniella Taylor. If you are interested in anything you see on this blog or would like to learn to knit or crochet please call us at the shop on 01438 861 717. We are open between 10am and 4pm Mon - Sat. To view our website, click on http link below.

Sunday, 8 May 2011


Meet the new arrivals who have come to reside in the back garden over the summer. They are Plum and Ivy - names to reflect their gastronomic preferences. (Plum was originally called Parsley as in Cow Parsley, but seeing as she consumed a small plum tree in less than a day , we quickly changed it).
The ewe lambs (Poll Dorsets) are now installed in the garden at the rear of Jolie and are happily munching away (the remaining trees have now been protected). They have been loaned to us by Peter and Yvonne Gear from Highbury Farm, Wood End, which is about 2 miles from us. Peter and Yvonne have a flock of over 600 sheep and sell their lamb/sheep related products at local farmers' markets. Details are on their website http:www.highburyfarm.co.uk

Highbury Farm have had some fleece spun into wool on a 100yr old spinning machine at a mill up in Yorkshire. It is 100% pure wool and knits as a dk. We are hoping to stock some of this locally grown wool at Jolie when the next batch comes down from Yorkshire.
At the moment there is only the natural 'sheep' cream colour, although they are hoping to add a grey fleece too. I knitted my 'cake, tea or me' teacosy with it and found it very satisfying to use and especially as it was produced so close to home.


  1. Love the pic....... Sorry shall text you at the weekend my phone on the blink now love ya Happy Jolie-ing xxxxxxxxxx

  2. Hi sent you a message but it didnt like it some how love the sheep..... Happy Jolie Birthday to you Hope your broken leg isnt too much of a pain love you miss you xxxxxxxxxxx