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Jolie is a knitting and homeware shop run by Linda Williams and Daniella Taylor. If you are interested in anything you see on this blog or would like to learn to knit or crochet please call us at the shop on 01438 861 717. We are open between 10am and 4pm Mon - Sat. To view our website, click on http link below.

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Knit and wine update

Unfortunately due to severe weather conditions, Knit and Wine has been postponed to next Tuesday,  29th January, 7.30 -10pm.

PS This is why wool is warm!

Sunday, 20 January 2013

Winter weekend

Practically the whole country is covered with a blanket of snow. Walkern is a winter wonderland.

We've had about 4 inches over the last two days.

Scarlett and Ollie got a great fire going.

We sat here all day, crocheting, playing Scrabble and watching old movies. Felt like Christmas without the stress!

I baked some bread - cheated a bit, it"s Tesco's bread mix. Just add water, leave to rise then bake for 30 minutes. Brilliant.

We sat round the fire with bowls of soup.

Billie has been very spoilt.

The children have been sledging and snowballing. We went for a beautiful walk. This is Winter's Lane.

Church Lane, down by the ford.

The River Beane.


 Billie, such a happy dog.


Merci to Jennifer for finding these fabulous Eiffel Tower scissors - in Stoke Newington. 

Pretty patches

I bought these in Oct 34 near Paris.

Iron on sleeve patches.......sort of Liberty style.

I put them on a plain grey V neck jumper, and blanket stitched around the edge for extra security.

Thursday, 3 January 2013

Granny chic

A lovely book for the new year. From Tif Fussell (aka Dottie Angel, dottieangel.blogspot.com) and Rachelle Blondel (aka Ted and Agnes, talesoftedandagnes.blogspot.co.uk). Beautiful and inspiring pictures and crafty 'recipes' to help 'find your inner granny chic crafting soul'. There is one in all of us.

Christmas wishes and Happy New Year

I know it's already January, but it's been a busy one and I've been a bit waylaid. Just had to show you the wonderful handmade Christmas cards from Carolyn - who had to eat nearly a whole box of Quality Street to make those letters!