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Jolie is a knitting and homeware shop run by Linda Williams and Daniella Taylor. If you are interested in anything you see on this blog or would like to learn to knit or crochet please call us at the shop on 01438 861 717. We are open between 10am and 4pm Mon - Sat. To view our website, click on http link below.

Monday, 6 August 2012

Dear Mary

Mary, our expert knitter, is recovering from an operation.
Linda and I popped round to see her on Saturday for a cup of tea and spotted this beautiful picture on the windowsill, taken by Mary's father. The children were evacuated to Bishops Stortford during the war. From left to right; Sue, Edward, Wendy, Pam and Mary.
Best wishes to Mary for a speedy recovery.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Half a day at the seaside

Which other family sets off on a two hour drive to the seaside at two o' clock in the afternoon? We had promised, but due to work commitments we had a very late start....... We managed three hours at Frinton - the tide was out so we had a huge beach to play on, perfect for lots of digging and Frisbee. 

But hey, we took a detour to Clacton on the way home.

The boys had a great time on the pier doing
 all the things kids like to do.

The colours are so mad and intoxicating.

Miami in Essex? Well, sort of!

Man about the house

Welcome to Joe - our first man at Knit and Chat. Joe is learning to crochet and planning to make his sister a dress. Awww, we love him already.

Tempting selection of cakes today too.