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Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Sheringham 2013

Or was it 1943? We had a wonderful time in Sheringham, Norfolk at the annual 1940's weekend held every September. 

The whole town joins in with a huge effort and everyone dresses up for the occasion be they young or old. 

The atmosphere is fantastic. There is bunting and 40's music playing in the streets and the shop windows are authentically decorated, not forgetting the tape. 

We loved the window at No 10 Restaurant, 10 Augusta Street, where we had a nice cuppa. http://www.no10sheringham.com/

This was Creative Crafts in Station Rd.

You can take the steam train from Sheringham Station to Holt on North Norfolk's Poppy Line.

These little boys looked great playing on the beach in their flat caps and long shorts.

The Norfolk Five - Dany, Donna, Linda, Gwen and Hellie. 
(This was the following day - hence we are not dressed up!)

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