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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Gypsy Rose Dany......

Oh what a summer - if you can call it that. There's been more rain than sun. Dany, Phil, Eddie, Ollie and dog Billie did however manage a few lovely days in Shropshire, staying in these wonderful vintage showman's caravans. Phil and I had the red and yellow one.
Eddie and Ollie had the green one.
Both were very quaint with wood burning stoves and electric lights - all mod cons! We had 22 cupboards in ours!
This was Eddie and Ollie's fireplace in the green 'van'.
The 'vans' are on a little campsite in the grounds of Walcot Hall. If you are staying within the grounds you are free to wander around the gardens and arborteum which are very beautiful.
There is even a lake, with a little boat.

Billie came too, but didn't find the gypsy in her soul. She wasn't keen on 'glamping' . Always the opportunist, she stole the sausages out of the frying pan on the campfire. Needless to say she wasn't popular that evening.
Ollie lent her some cool specs when she'd been forgiven.
We visited Bury Ditches an iron age hill fort nearby. Billie and Ollie re enacted some ancient local Britons.

Shropshire is a beautiful county and we explored some pretty places, but Walcot Hall was a real find we'll definitely be back. www.walcothall.com


  1. It looks heavenly oh and I am so pleased you told us how many cupboards you had............
    Love ya really xxxxxxxxxx

  2. What a lovely place to have a holiday, the showmans caravans look to be quite roomy much better than a tent any day, Lucey x