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Friday, 10 June 2011

Mersea beats

I visited my uncle, David Britton, last weekend. He is an artist who lives and works from his studio in the garden, on Mersea Island, Essex (the most easterly inhabited island in the UK and also home to The Company Shed renowned fish restaurant).

David has been based in East Anglia for many years and is wonderful landscape painter. He is holding an exhibition of work entitled Air, Space and Light at the Aldeburgh Cinema, Suffolk from 10th - 16th June 2011. www.aldeburghcinema.co.uk
PS The best fish and chips in the world can also be found in Aldeburgh....


  1. Ooh connections! - I've had fish and chips from that great shop in Aldeburgh, I went camping with the school on Mersey Island (in the days before the concept of 'school trips abroad' was invented) and I paint from a studio in my garden. Sadly the similarities end there, cos I'm a useless landscape painter!

  2. Isn't Mersea Island great? Have you been back since your school trip? You did in theory cross a little bit of sea...I love the Art Cafe and the houseboats, even the smell of estuary mud and the fact that you still can't cross The Strood at high tide. We used to go there as kids from Colchester on an old green bus.
    Incidentally the previous publicans from the The White Lion in Walkern took over The Victory in Mersea about 3 yrs ago.
    Dany x