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Jolie is a knitting and homeware shop run by Linda Williams and Daniella Taylor. If you are interested in anything you see on this blog or would like to learn to knit or crochet please call us at the shop on 01438 861 717. We are open between 10am and 4pm Mon - Sat. To view our website, click on http link below.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Simply lovely

This beautifully knitted jumper is from Debbie Bliss's book Simply Baby and was knitted in Baby Cashmerino by Dany's dad's cousin, Kathleen, for her grandson Isaac. Kathleen lives in Spain and came over a few weeks ago, purchasing the wool and a gorgeous knitting bag when she visited Jolie. She would love to join us for Knit and Chat but is too far away...however, Kathleen belongs to a Spanish patchworking group called 'Te y Telas' which means 'Tea and Fabrics' - sounds good to me.

Monday, 26 July 2010

Didn't we have a lovely time...

...the weekend we went to Southwold on our annual knitting on the beach trip. Caron brought loads of her famous home made sausage rolls, and we started tucking in on the journey.
And what a journey. We left Walkern at 9am and reached Southwold at 6pm. A mere 107 miles, however we followed the scenic route, meandering through the countryside. We stopped in Clare, then Long Melford, continuing to Peasenhall and Yoxford on a fantastic junk trail. Linda picked up a piano, Dany found a chair and a chandelier, Caron bought some pretty votives and Karen found a watercolour of a camel by Chester Williams(?).
Still en route, we had a giant cream tea (and chocolate and beetroot cake) in the garden of The Parish Lantern Tea Rooms, Walberswick.
Found Hellie and Donna on the way.
We stayed at The Swan Hotel, Southwold.
In the newly built chalet syle rooms, which overlook the secret garden. Very Hi di Hi!
And spent a wonderful soiree in the garden, around the piano, with Caron's votives coming into their own.
Sunday was a great day on the beach. Please note Linda tucking in to cheese balls. Sorry, how many did you say you could fit in your mouth once?
Trish remembered her knitting. That was the reason we came wasn't it?
Donna and Beryl managed a few rows too.
Dany and Hellie and a lorra lorra lolly.
The three Sues, Diane and Paula, all looking very glamorous, down at the Southwold Boating Lake Tea Room - with a superb cream tea and fresh strawberries.
Aah, back home again on Monday, after a spot of shopping in Woodbridge and supper in The George at Cavendish. One slight moment - Linda realised she didn't have the fuel key to the Jeep. A very kind gentleman came to the rescue with his Henderson garage door key which did the trick. Phew!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Knit and wine

Join us for a glass of wine (or two), Tuesday evening 27th July, 7.30 - 10.30pm. £15 pp.

Friday, 23 July 2010

Knitted bunting

Looks so pretty knitted in Rowan handknit cotton and Debbie Bliss cotton dk. We have two patterns - the little beachhuts based on Southwold and traditional pennants which look great backed with vintage fabric.

All change

We've had a little bit of rearrangement at Jolie. We sold the lovely armoire and were left with a bit of a gap and nowhere to store the wool. Problem solved - this pretty bed, which we thought would be too big for the shop, now sits perfectly in the middle under the chandelier - and it's full of baskets wool!
The jewellery is now displayed on it's own table with a gorgeous crinoline lady mirror and lace.

Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A happy accident

This is one of Linda's first ever crochet pieces. Made from tapestry wools, it was accidentally felted in the washing machine and discarded. Discovered yesterday, clearing out a drawer, I think it is charming and worth rescuing.
On the road to recovery, I found some nice woolly wool to edge it with - possibly with a picot. We had a couple of projects in A and E at Knit and Chat today - see Jen's impressive operation below.

Sweet Caroline and friends

Caroline celebrated her birthday at Knit and Chat - looking lovely in her new crocheted shrug.
What a coincidence - Debbie and Jennifer were wearing theirs too. This pattern, from Rowan's Summer Crochet is the hit of the summer, and looks great in every colour. Some people have even finished their second one.
Jennifer performed some life saving surgery on Dr Carolyn's crochet shrug, avoiding certain tragedy. The wrong arm fell off - it was in a right pickle. A little role reversal for Carolyn who is normally the one dealing with emergencies!

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Little Miss Muffet...

aka Linda...sat on a tuffet, making her curds, and curds and more curds. Lemon, gooseberry and lime, apricot and raspberry.
Great curd recipes from Fruits of the Earth by Gloria Nicol. This lovely book also includes recipes for jams, chutneys and cordials and some good tips on preserving. Trish kindly picked some more goosegogs for another batch of the luscious gooseberry and lime.

New bag lady

Sally with her lovely new knitting bag, complete with project.
Meet Sally's gorgeous Champagne coloured cat, Dennis. Watch out Teddy! Linda's fallen for a cat - she even took his picture.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

THE exhibition

The exhibition was held at The United Reformed Church in Walkern on 26th and 27th June. We were very proud to show some truly beautiful work made by such talented and creative people.

It was a wonderful inspiring display of incredible knitting from both experienced and novice knitters.
Not forgetting crochet.
George Clooney was there!
The tea table was a great success.

Linda and Dany with Mary, who is a fantastic knitter and an elder at the URC.
The weather was perfect.
Libby helped with the cake stall.
And teas were served in lovely garden outside. The bric - a - brac stall was a triumph and some fantastic prizes were donated for the raffle.
The whole event was a great success. We raised £800 for the URC towards the restoration and renovation of the church which is 200 yrs old this year and subsiding.
We would like to thank everyone for all their help and hard work over the weekend, without whom we couldn't have done it; Diane, Paula, Trish, Julie, Sue Ford, Carolyn, Jo, Sue Noyes, Sandra, Sophie, Susan, Brenda, Sue Butchers, Karen, Donna, Debbie, Sally, Mandy, Rosalind, Olga, Mary, Jackie, Annie, Libby, Poppy and Scarlett. Also huge thanks to Pam Williams and Walkern's 'Over Sixties' for making such delicious cakes.