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Saturday, 11 September 2010

Island life

Dany and family went to Ven (or Hven, in old Swedish), an island between Denmark and Sweden, for our summer holiday.
Scandinavian children go back to school in mid August, so the beaches were deserted. We managed to catch a few rays of late summer sun.
My lolly of choice - dark chocolate and pineapple. I wasn't so sure about raspberry and liquorice as an ice cream combination....
Unless you are a resident, and there are only 300 or so of those, you cannot bring a car onto the island. We hired bikes for the week and travelled around together like the Von Trapp family.
We stayed in an old Swedish farmhouse painted in typical colours.
There was even an antique Gustavian clock, although it had lost it's hands.
And I loved this hand blocked wallpaper in the hallway, which had been papered over the door!
We spent a day in Copenhagen and met up with some rellies (Phil's). It was lovely and quiet to come back to the island for some more reading, drawing and knitting - unfortunately I ran out of wool and there was a distinct lack of wool shops.
Still, more time to sit and reflect and watch the boats go by.

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