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Friday, 20 August 2010

Chez Jenny

Jennifer invited Linda, Dany, Karen and Betty over for dinner at Toad Hall in Walthamstow, her friend Jane was there too and of course Naomi. And what a time we had, we're all green with envy over the knitting room ... and the sewing room. Jennifer kindly gave Linda the little Dutch clog pincushion.
This lovely quilt is vintage Laura Ashley. The prints are so pretty and were all given a little bit of nostalgia to take home.
There was so much to look at - not only beautiful embroidery, knitting, crochet, quilts and tapestries but pictures galore and all so interesting. Linda and I spotted this gorgeous picture published in Woman's Realm in about 1952 of Jennifer and a Christmas cracker house.
The food was divine too. Jen made us lavender shortbread (is there an end to this woman's talents?), from Lazy Days and Beach Blankets. It was delicious and came served with raspberries, cream and brandy. Mmm!


  1. can i come next time - i would find it totally fascinating. the shortbread looks divine and so professional.
    just as a post note i have just found out the jennifer and i went to the same school!
    ann x

  2. Sounds like a lovely day out - and what beautiful shortbread!

  3. am so thrilled that you liked my house and enjoyed your evening, lovely comments too and to ann who are you ? which school did we both go to ? ps toad hall is in leytonstone not walthamstow !! xxxxx

  4. all looked so lovely , glad that you enjoyed our neck of the woods