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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Dany's weekend in bella Italia

I spent a fabulous long weekend with my mum, staying at a beautiful farmhouse b&b in the Mugello district of Tuscany, just north of Florence. The b&b Le Due Volpi is run by Heidi and Lorenzo, friends of ours, who gave me this beautiful painting of their house.
The garden is lovely with lots of terraces and so many flowers.
I lay in the hammock -
- and on the terrace. Mmm ....prosecco, vino rosso, limoncello, prosciutto di Parma, melone, mozzarella, pecorino - my Italian improved over the weekend.
We spent a day in Pisa before coming home and stayed at The Royal Victoria Hotel. I thought I was in A Room with a View - this hotel has barely altered since it opened in 1837.
Gelato, biscotti, cioccolata calda, caffe con panna, semifreddo.....prosecco, vino rosso, vino bianco. The Italian got even better! http://royalvictoria.it
A lovely place to write my postcards, by an open window overlooking the river Arno.


  1. Dany,
    How absolutely wonderful....just for a minute I felt I was there!
    Bit worried about the hammock picture though, you've obviously fallen off and rolled into the pool!!!
    Love you
    Donna x

  2. I wish I had fallen into the pool - it would have been quicker. As it was it took me 20 minutes to get in, going inch by inch. Just a little on the chilly side....
    D x

  3. Mum said it took you 20 minutes to get into the water!