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Saturday, 3 April 2010

Linda's Easter indoor garden

We gathered all the bits on a walk this morning before the rain came....so what else was there to do on a rainy afternoon but be a little creative!!
Mossy green bunnies brought back from Cologne trip.....a bit weird my lot think.....but we all love the lemony vintage chicks bought from Caroline Zoob at The Country Living Fair.


  1. Hi Linda.Love the garden.Where did you get the nests?I tried to get Chris to bring some real abandoned ones into the kitchen for my display,but he wouldn't.
    Love the blog

  2. hi there Karen...happy to read you're lovin our blog.
    I actually bought a couple of the nests back from Cologne trip last week as they just 'do' Easter with real gusto!!!..but the small ones with little blue & white retro chicks in were from Caroline Zoob at the Country Living fair a few weeks ago, you could try her website as she may be selling them online.
    Hope to see you soon, come and see our lovely NEW spring stock and a few new yarns from Italy worth a look also !!!!
    Love Linda x