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Sunday, 24 January 2010

Strawberry tea cosy

Fab tea cosy from Nicki Trench's book 'Handmade Gifts'. Knitted by Dany in Alpaca Silk Aran it is truly luxurious.


  1. What a fantastic tea cosy! Dany, you have made it so beautifully. I think that tea cosies are about to become one of my favourite projects, especially if they are knitted in luxury yarns, like alpaca silk aran. I have recently been reminded how fabulously efficient tea cosies are. I was given a hand knitted one as a Christmas gift. The tea remains very hot for a long while, when your tea pot is snuggled in a tea cosy. I am so looking forward to Knit & Chat this Thursday, when I shall be able to pick up Nicki Trench's book and some alpaca silk aran yarn for a tea cosy!

    1. hi could you reply and tell me the width and height of the tea cosy? i have the pattern but the tea pot i am planning to knit for is very large and i will need to adapt the pattern.

  2. Great! Look forward to seeing you Thursday xx

  3. What about the pattern for this beautiful cosy please Julie?


    (South Africa)